Comedian Razzak Khan Passes Away

By | June 2, 2016

It’s a sad day for Bollywood, as one of its most popular characters actors have passed away. Veteran supporting actor and comedian Razzak Khan passed away last night due to a heart attack.

The comedian renowned for his comedic performances was beloved as a familiar face who appeared in mostly comedic performances that always left a mark. Even if people don’t remember his name, his very well known face has appeared in some of our favourite films and has always been a constant source of hilarity and entertainment.

Take a look at Razzak Khan in one of his more memorable comedic performances below.

Having worked mostly with Directors like David Dhawan, Prabhudeva and Priyadarshan, Khan has had most of his on-screen chemistry be shared with stars like Govinda, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal.

Khan had a certain flair and style to almost every role he played; from lovable street thug, comical supporting role, or intimidating gangster, every role featured an impressionable impact.

Veteran comedian Razzak Khan tragically passed away last night from a Cardiac Arrest.

His family is now awaiting the arrival of his son Aszzsad, who is currently working in Croatia. The funeral of, the now late, Razzak Khan will be held tomorrow at Narialwadi Kabaristan at Byculla.

Our love and prayers go out to the Khan family, as we remember and the of one of Bollywood most influencial comedians.

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