Kiran Rao, Wife Of Aamir Khan Has A Facebook Imposter

By | June 6, 2016
Kiran Rao, Bollywood director and wife of actor Aamir Khan, recently filed a complaint with the police. Rao is a critically acclaimed writer and director of movies like ‘Dhobi Ghat‘. After an incident a few days ago, the director claims there there was someone on Facebook claiming to be her.

Apparently someone was pretending to be Kiran Rao on the social media site. The person even went as far as interacting with her family and friends. Rao found out about the impersonator through a friend and has taken the necessary steps to apprehend the person. She has filed an official complaint with the Police and further action will be taken to get to the bottom of this incident.
Bollywood stars already have to accept the loss of privacy and anonymity that goes hand in hand with being a public celebrity. Always being on camera, having to promote their film by given countless interviews, appearances, and essentially being salesmen on top of being filmmakers, is something that is the trade-off to the high success and fame that comes with it. But now, having someone pretending to be them must reach new levels of invasion.
Especially in the media. Bollywood stars already have a hard enough time being misquoted and misinterpreted much less now having other people pretend to be them. While this isn’t the first time that accusations of someone impersonating someone has plagued Bollywood, it definitely is one of the more distressing instances of cyber-fraud. The last time was during the Kangana-Hrithik dispute, where someone claims to have been communicating with Kangana Ranaut pretending to be Hrithik Roshan

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